Oriental Textual Traditions and 21st-century Philology

COMSt workshop

Conference Venue:

Leuven, Leuven Faculty Club
Groot Begijnhof 14, 3000

Topic Areas

In this third workshop of Team 2, the organizers and participants will focus on the specificities of Oriental textual traditions and, based upon these, on the possibilities offered by the increasing use of computer methods in philology and its possible impact on our methodology. It is our conviction that the specific needs of Oriental philologists must be surveyed and addressed adequately; the methodology, including any computational methods, must then suit these needs. It is time for Oriental philologists to know what kinds of tools exist for digital textual scholarship, and it is time for digital textual scholarship to take account of the requirements and practices of Oriental textual traditions.


The main themes covered in the workshop will include multilingual and translated traditions as well as the methodological issues concerning editions practices in particular in digital age. During an extra schooling session organized in collaboration with the Interedition COST Action, programmers and scholars will demonstrate some of the tools developed to deal with both Western and Oriental texts.


A very provisional programme is available on this website, please check the site later for updates.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 to Friday, September 7, 2012