Belgium, Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 1515

Belgium, Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 1515

Averroes, Parva Naturalia-Fragment

Physical Description
  • Material: Parchment
  • Pages: 1 leaves
  • Leaves Format: not available
  • Dimensions: not available

Detailed Description
  • Condition Description:
    A fragment of a folio. Just a part from a column, but once the folio had two columns.
  • Layout:
    Text is set in 1 column.

  • Origin Date: not available
  • Origin Place: not available
Averroes Commentary on the Parva Naturalia (Compendium libri de sompno et vigilia) 1r - 1v
  • Incipit:
    On the recto page: ...[in]ter ordines quos nos comprehendimus...
    On the verso page: ... totum. Et sermo de istis omnibus idem est. Et ...

  • Explicit:
    On the recto page: Quare vero virtus ymaginativa in maiori parte non inducit illam inten-/ [tionem]
    On the verso page: ...a ligamento virtutis cogitative. Et propter debilitatem / ...

  • Note:
    A fragment of the Compendium libri de sompno et vigilia.