Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, 1202

Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, 1202

Medical Miscellany

Physical Description
  • Material: Paper
  • Pages: 277 + 5 leaves
  • Leaves Format: not available
  • Dimensions: 312 x 215 mm

Detailed Description
  • Foliation:
    A pencil foliation from the 20th century. In 2014 supplemented by 20bis (cf. f. 21r ), 21bis (cf. f. 23r ), 41bis (cf. f. 44r ), 43bis (cf. f. 47r ), 263bis (cf. f. 268r ) on included noticepapers. The manuscript consits of three parts: Part I: ff. 1r- 7v . Germany, about 1497. Part II: ff. 8r- 272v . Italy, Bologna (?), about 1472-1473. Part III: ff. 273r- 282v . Germany, 1474. No script on ff. 1r- 4v and ff. 280v- 282v . A table of contents on ff. 5r- 7v .
  • Decoration:
    Letters hatching, character filling and headlines rubricated in the first part. Headlines, capitulum characters, letters hatching, page titles, chapters counting on top of the sheet are rubricated in the second part of the manuscript. One can find 2-3-line blue and red Lombards, some with simple sequence motifs and point enlargements; for highlighting the text beginning on f. 8r is decorated with a 4-line A-initial letter within the body.
  • Hand Description:
    Three main-writers.
    The table of content is written by Nikolaus Münzmeister, a former owner of the manuscript.
    The second part of the manuscript is written by one main-writer with a careful minuscle. Other hands added words in a italic handwriting in the margins, their origin maybe from north of the Alps.
    A third hand with a italic handwriting wrote the third part.
  • Binding Description:
    Wooden lid with string iron lines as decoration. The cover is overdrawn with light-colored leather.
  • Acquisition:
    Münzmeister donated this book to the Cistercian monastery St. Mary of Altzelle (see ownership entry of the monastery on ff. 8v and 9r : "Liber monasterij Veteris Celle repositus ad bibliothecam publicam ex testamento domini doctoris Muntzemeister anno 1506", written in Italics on a high calligraphic level by Michael Schmelzer, the Prior of the Cistercian monastery Altzelle, at the beginning of the 16th century). The signature C4 on the frontcover is the signature the book had in the medical department of the monastery library (see x1 ).
    In the course of secularization the book came to the Biblioteca Paulina in Leipzig.
  • Provenance:
    Former property of Nikolaus Münzmeister (see Münzmeisters coat of arms on f. 8v and ownership entry on ff. 8v and 9r ).
  • Origin Date: second half of 15th century
  • Origin Place: Germany and Eastmiddle-Germany leaves
Giovanni Garzoni Practica medicinae 8r - 267v
  • Incipit:
    Cap. I: De generali regimine curationis doloris, Inc. Antequam accedamus ad curam doloris capitis dicentur aliquae spectantia ad dolorem in generali ...

  • Note:
    Parallel-traditions: London, British Museum, Harley, Cod. 3747, fol. 2ra-206va (1477), and same initium but attributed to Baverius de Baveriis Bononiensis in Vatican City, Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 1282, fol. 1r-208v (1469). For the text see Thorndike/Kibre, Catalogue of Incipits, 21963, Sp. 107,11.

Anonymous Six short medical texts 267v - 267v
  • Note:
    An addendum holds inter alia recipes: (263va) 1. Nota quod, agarico inest proprietas ..., 2. Solutio [?] contra materiam venenosam probatum valde ... Recipe electuarij, mirre ..., (263vb) 3. Confeccio gentilis ... Recipe margaritharum ..., 4. Pomum [?] contra pestem ... Recipe storacis calamite ..., 5. Electuarium cordiale. Recipe zuccari buglossati ..., 6. Iules [?] cordiale. Recipe aque ...

Averroes Treatise on the Theriac 273r - 280r
  • Incipit:
    Incipit liber Auerrois de Tiriaca, Inc. [I]nquit magnus medicus Hamet Auerrois : Postquam prius deo gracias egero ... (275ra)

  • Explicit:
    Virgo sit benedicta. Anno m° cccc° lxxiiii°.

  • Note:
    No script on ff. 280v- 282v .