Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, B.H. 14

Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, B.H. 14


Physical Description
  • Material: Parchment
  • Pages: 339 leaves
  • Leaves Format: In folio
  • Dimensions: not available

Detailed Description
  • Foliation:
    In the original foliation there are counting mistakes and the empty leaves were not counted. This is corrected by the DARE foliation.
  • Layout:
    Text is set in one column.

  • Hand Description:
    At least nine hands.
    Byzantine scripts.
    195r- 198r copied bey Ephraim Bezalel
  • Acquisition:
    Formerly in the Stadtbibliothek of Leipzig.
  • Origin Date: 15th or 16th cent. Items 6-8:
  • Origin Place: not available
Abraham Bar Hiyya On redemption 1v - 29r
Avicebron Excerpts 29r - 29v
  • Note:
    Only the beginning.

Gersonides On Valid Syllogies 30v - 61v
  • Note:
    End is missing

Al-Ghazali Treatise on Ethics 62r - 98v
  • Explicit:
    נשלם ספר מאזני צדק ובערבי מזאן אל עמל ר"ל מאזני המעשה

  • Note:
    A small part of the beginning is missing.

Joseph ibn Caspi Commentary on the Gude to the Perplexed 100r - 138r
Averroes Short Commentary on the Organon 139v - 184v
Averroes Discourse on the Definition and Critique of the Positions of Alexander and Alfarabi 186v - 198r
Averroes Discourse on a Question from De Caelo et Mundo 198r - 216v
Al-Farabi On the Aims of Aristotle's Metaphysics 220r - 221r
  • Note:
    Containing זה נמצא כתוב בערבי על ספר אלשפא לאבן סינא and בכונת ארסטו בספר מה שאחר הטבע.

Averroes Short Commentary on the Metaphysics 222r - 224r
  • Note:
    Only treatises 12 and 13.

Moses Maimonides Responsum 228v - 229r
Anonymous Supercommentary on Moses Narboni 's commentary on The Intentions of the Philosophers 229v - 236r
  • Note:
    Fol. 234: Fragment by another hand of the Commentary on the Psalter by Abraham Ibn Ezra .

Sabbetay b. Malkiel Hakohen Refutiation of remarks made by Gersonides in his Wars of the Lord 237v - 243v
Themistius Commentary on the Metaphysics 256v - 269r
Anonymous Philosophical teatise 269r - 271v
  • Incipit:
    אמר החכם אפלאטון ראוי לו למי שידבר באלו הדברים האלהיים

Averroes Short Commentary on the Metaphysics 272r - 303r
  • Note:
    At the end ( 302v- 303r ) additional remarks on philosophy.

Averroes Short Commentary on De Anima 304r - 338v
  • Note:
    With Gersonides ' commentary.