Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, B.H. 19

Germany, Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek, B.H. 19


Physical Description
  • Material: Parchment
  • Pages: 201 leaves
  • Leaves Format: In folio
  • Dimensions: not available

Detailed Description
  • Foliation:
    In the original foliation the empty leave after fol. 177 was not counted. This is corrected by the DARE foliation.
  • Hand Description:
    Two hands.
    Spanish rabbinical scripts.
    Items 1-4 copied by Abraham Eliezer.
  • Acquisition:
    Formerly in the Stadtbibliothek of Leipzig, acquired .
  • Origin Date: 14th or 15th cent.
  • Origin Place: not available
Averroes Epistle on the Possibility of Conjunction 1v - 21r
  • Note:
    With the commentary of Moses Narboni .

  • Colophon:
    21r : והמכתב מכתב אברם אליעזר

Averroes Commentary on Alexander's Treatise on the Intellect 2r - 3v
  • Note:
    Only in the margins. With the commentary of Moses Narboni .

Ibn Tufail Ḥayy ibn Yaqẓān 22r - 101r
Ibn Bajja Letter on death 101v - 110v
  • Note:
    109r- 110v : מאמר לאבובכר בן אלצאיג נמשך לאגרת הפטירה

Al-Ghazali Treatise on Ethics 111r - 173v
Aristotle Treatise on General Ethics 173v - 177v
  • Explicit:
    נשלמה אגרת מנהג החסידים

disputed Treatise on Ethics 179r - 201r
  • Note:
    In times Averroes and al-Ghazali were named as authors.