United Kingdom, London, British Library, Royal 12 D. XIV

United Kingdom, London, British Library, Royal 12 D. XIV


Physical Description
  • Material: Parchment
  • Pages: I + 158 leaves
  • Leaves Format: not available
  • Dimensions: 265 x 185 mm

Detailed Description
  • Decoration:
    The first initial shows an image of a studying situation. Other initials in gold, silver and various other colours. All initials are elongated to pikes and animals to the margins.
  • Layout:
    Text is set in two colums.
  • Hand Description:
    The whole codex, except of Ethica Nova, is magnificently written by two english hands:
    First hand: ff. 3r- 38v and ff. 150r- 157v .
    The rest is written by a second hand.
  • Provenance:
    On f. 1r- 1v , boldly written by an english hand: "Liber de Claustro Roffensi per magistrum Johannem de Stapeya priorem."
    Also on f. 1r- 1v : "Caucio domini Willelmi de... (erased) exposita in cista domini Gilberti de Roncheberi, pro decem solidos, die lune proxima post festum sancti Augustini (between the lines, written by another hand: "Anglorum episcopi") anno Domini M°.CCC°. vicesimo primo."
  • Origin Date: 13th century
  • Origin Place: not available
  • George Lacombe , Aristoteles Latinus Vol. Pars Prior, Rome (1939) , p.385f.
Aristotle De causis 145v - 149r
Aristotle Ethica 150r - 152r
  • Note:
    New version.

Aristotle Ethica vetus 152v - 157r
  • Note:
    Old version, longer edition.

Averroes Long Commentary on the Metaphysics 3r - 145r