Austria, Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 5328


Physical Description
  • Material: Paper
  • Pages: 159 leaves
  • Leaves Format: In folio
  • Dimensions: not available

Detailed Description
  • Condition Description:
    The last pages are damaged by water and mold.
  • Provenance:
    Once the book was "Univ., 972".
  • Origin Date: 15th century
  • Origin Place: not available
Averroes Commentary on Avicenna’s Cantica 1r - 42r
  • Note:
    Translated by Armengaud Blaise de Montepessulano .
Averroes De proprietate ciborum 42r - 58r
  • Note:
    This is maybe not a treatise by Averroes , but there is at the moment no possibility to find this out. No script on ff. 58v- 62v
Serapio Senior Liber de aptatione simplicium medicinarum 63r - 82v
  • Note:
    Also known as: " Abucasis Liber servitoris", translated by Simon of Genua , interpreted by Abraham Judaeo Tortuosiensi
Anonymous Synonyma medica 83r - 159v
  • Note:
    The end is defected.