Middle Commentary on the Isagoge
Middle Commentary on the Categories
Middle Commentary on De Interpretatione
Middle Commentary on the Prior Analytics
Middle Commentary on the Posterior Analytics
Middle Commentary on the Topics
Middle Commentary on the Sophistici Elenchi
Middle Commentary on the Rhethorics
Middle Commentary on the Poetics
Long Commentary on the Posterior Analytics
Discourse on the Definition and Critique of the Positions of Alexander and Alfarabi
Critique of Avicenna's Position on the Conversion of Premises
Critique of Themistius' Position on the Contingent Syllogisms in the First and Second Figure
On the Mixing of Contingent and Necessary Premises
Treatise on the Dependency of the Conclusions from Mixed Syllogisms
Treatise on the Signification of 'Predicated of Everything'
Philosophy of Nature
Short Commentary on the Physics
Long Commentary on the Physics
Short Commentary on De Caelo
Middle Commentary on De Caelo
Short Commentary on De Generatione et Corruptione
Short Commentary on the Meteorology
Middle Commentary on the Meteorology
Commentary on De Animalibus
Short Commentary on De Anima
Long Commentary on De Anima
Commentary on the Parva Naturalia
Epistle on the Possibility of Conjunction
Treatise on the Conjunction of the Separate Intellect with Man
Treatise on the Conjunction of Intellect with Man
Treatise on the Intellect
Commentary on Alexander's Treatise on the Intellect
On Whether the Active Intellect Unites with the Material Intellect whilst it Is Clothed with the Body
Practical Philosophy
Middle Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics
Epitome of the Almagest
Commentary on Avicenna’s Cantica
Treatise on the Theriac
Law and Theology

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