Short Commentary on the Organon
Middle Commentary on the Topics
Middle Commentary on the Sophistici Elenchi
Middle Commentary on the Rhethorics
Discourse on Compound and Simple Predicates
Discourse on the Definition and Critique of the Positions of Alexander and Alfarabi
Critique of Avicenna's Position on the Conversion of Premises
On the Mixing of Contingent and Necessary Premises
Treatise on the Dependency of the Conclusions from Mixed Syllogisms
Treatise on the Signification of 'Predicated of Everything'
Philosophy of Nature
Middle Commentary on the Physics
Short Commentary on De Generatione et Corruptione
Aristotle's Intention at the Beginning of Book Seven of the Physics
Treatise on Motion: Whether It Has a Beginning
Treatise on Eternal and Temporal Being
Treatise on Seeds and Sperm
Discourse on the Motion of the Celestial Body (2)
Treatise in Response to Avicenna's Division of Beings into the Merely Possible, the Possible in Itself but Necessary through Another, and the Necessary in Itself
Treatise on the Harmony Between the Belief of the Peripatetics and that of the Theologians among the Learned of Islam Regarding the Manner of the World's Existence with Respect to Eternity and Origination
Short Commentary on De Anima
Law and Theology
Book of the Exposition of the Methods of Proof Concerning the Beliefs of the Community

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