The Middle Commentary on the Metaphysics

Mauro Zonta's New Edition

Mauro Zonta's long awaited edition of Averroes's Middle Commentary on the Metaphysics in Hebrew translation, resulting from his 1995 doctoral thesis, has now been published by Pavia University Press as: Il Commento medio di Averroè alla Metafisica di Aristotele. Edizione delle versione ebraiche medievali di Zeraḥyah Ḥen e di Qalonymos ben Qalonymos con introduzione storica e filologica. The Arabic text of this Commentary being lost, Zonta's edition makes available for the first this important Averroian text.

The edition in 2 volumes (volume 2 is in two parts) contains in volume 1 an introduction to the textual history of the two extant Hebrew translations. Volume 2 contains the critical edition of Zeraḥyah Ḥen's translation facing a preliminary edition of Qalonymos ben Qalonymos' translation. A critical edition of the latter will be published by Zonta with the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (see here).

Table of contents, vol. 1
Table of contents, vol. 2

How to purchase this edition

The edition can be ordered directly from Pavia University Press via Dispense Online. Here you will purchase a print copy of volume 1 together with a code that allows you to download an electronic version of volume 2.

If you wish to buy a print copy of the whole edition you can send an email to (to the attention of Mr. Giorgio Mentegari).