Resianne Fontaine


University of Amsterdam/Dept. of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
P.C. Hoofthuis 3.28
Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam

Degree: Dr
Position: University Lecturer

Contact Details

Tel: (+) 31 20 525 2850

Current project

  • Edition and English translation of the part on natural philosophy of the Midrash ha-Hokhmah by Judah ben Solomon ha-Cohen of Toledo. This 13-th century Hebrew encyclopedic text offers a survey of philosophy that is largely based on Averroes' Middle Commentaries and Epitomes.

Recent and Upcoming Lectures

  • Cologne, Oct 2011: "The Use of Averroes' Commentaries in the Midrash ha-Hokhmah

Publications on Averroes

  • "Averroes as a Commentator of Aristotle", in: La Lumière de l'intellect. La pensée scientifique et philosophique d'Averroès dans son temps . Ed. A. Hasnawi, Peeters 2011, pp. 99-108.
  • "Averroes' Commentary on Aristotle's De Generatione Animalium and its Use in Two Thirteenth-Century Hebrew Encyclopedias", in: Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages. Studies in Text, Transmission and Translation in Honour of Hans Daiber. Ed. A. Akasoy and W. Raven, Brill 2008, 489-502