Frank Griffel


Yale University
Council of Middle East Studies
POB 208206
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06520

Degree: M.A. (1995, FU Berlin), Dr. phil. (1999, FU Berlin)
Position: Professor of Islamic Studies and of International and Area Studies

Contact Details

Tel: +1-203-436-5250

Current Projects on Averroes

  • Monograph study on the dispute about God’s knowledge of individuals in 12th and 13th century Arabic and Islamic philosophy.

Recent and Upcoming Lectures

  • 10–14 September 2012, Das Verhältnis von Gesetz und Philosophie im Islam nach 1100 (also nach al-Ghazālī), Kölner Mediävistentagung 2012: Das Gesetz – The Law – La Loi.
  • 14–16 February 2008, Al-Ghazali’s Students and Immediate Followers: A Portrait of the Intellectual Climate in Iraq and Iran during the Early 12th Century. Paper given during the conference, "In the Age of Averroes Arabic Thought at the End of the Classical Period", Warburg Institute, London.
  • 5–8 May 2005, The Influence of Averroes’ Concept of Religious Toleration in Jean Bodin (1530–1596). Paper given at the 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo.

Publications on Averroes

  • Averroes’ Maßgebliche Abhandlung. German translation of Ibn Rushd’s Faṣl al-maqāl with introduction and commentary, Frankfurt 2010.
  • "The Relationship Between Averroes and al-Ghazālī as it Presents Itself in Averroes’ Early Writings, Especially in his Commentary on al-Ghazālī’s al-Mustaṣfā", in: John Inglis (ed.), Medieval Philosophy and the Classical Tradition in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, Richmond 2002, 51–63.
  • Apostasie und Toleranz im Islam. Die Entwicklung zu al-Ġazālīs Urteil gegen die Philosophie und die Reaktionen der Philosophen (Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science. Texts and Studies 40), Leiden 2000.
  • Review: Averroes, Kommentar des Averroes zu Platons Politeia. Übersetzt von Simon Lauer und kommentiert von E.I.J. Rosenthal, Zürich 1996.
  • Review: Averroismus im Mittelalter und in der Renaissance, in: Friedrich Niewöhner, Loris Sturlese (eds.), Die Welt des Islams 38, Zürich 1998, 254–60.