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Thomas d'Aquin et ses sources arabes / Aquinas and 'the Arabs'

Conference Venue:

Université de Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne
(17, rue de la Sorbonne, 75005, Salle Cavaillès)

Topic Areas

3 June 2013: Avicenna, Aquinas & Roger Bacon
4 June 2013: Aquinas & Averroes


Organizers: J.-B. Brenet (Paris), Isabelle Moulin (Paris), Luis X. López-Farjeat (Mexico City) & Richard C. Taylor (Milwaukee & Leuven)

The following lectures on Averroes will be presented on Tuesday the 4th of June 2013:

10h-11h: Katja Krause (London), “Intellectual Union with God: Textual
Reasons for Aquinas’ Adoption of and Retraction from Averroes’
Conjunction Theory as a Model for the Beatific Vision”
11h-12h: Yamina Adouane (Paris), “A New Approach to Averroes’
Restitution of Avicenna’s Proof of the Existence of God”
12h-13h: Charles Ehret (Paris), “Semen as an instrument in Averroes
and Aquinas”
13h-15h Déjeuner / Lunch
15h-16h: Catarina Belo (Cairo), “Aquinas’ References to Averroes in
Quaestiones disputatae de veritate”
16h-17h: Traci Phillipson (Milwaukee & Leuven), “The Role of the Will in
the Psychology of Aquinas and his Predecessors”
17h-18h: Francisco Romero (Guadalajara, Mexico), “Natural Theology
and the Interpretation of Scripture in Averroes, Maimonides, and


For further information please see the attached file.

Monday, June 3, 2013 to Tuesday, June 4, 2013