Oded Horezky M.A.

odedhorezky (at) gmail.com


Studies in Philosophy and Jewish Thought at the University of Haifa, Israel.

"Tikvah Fellowship", Tikvah Fund, New York, NY, USA.

PhD candidate at the Philosophy Department, University of Haifa, Israel (Prof. Menachem Kellner and Prof. Daniel Statman).

Professional Activities

since 2014: Working as Research Assistant at the D.A.R.E. - Digital Averroes Research Environment, Thomas-Institute, University of Cologne.


[forthcoming] "A 15th-Century Reader of Gersonides: Don Isaac Abravanel, Providence, Astral Influences, Active Intellect and Humanism" (with Cedric Cohen Skalli), Ofer Elior, Gad Freudenthal, and David Wirmer (eds.) Gersonides Through the Ages.

Research Areas

  • Medieval and Modern Jewish Philosophy.