Project Description

What is DARE?

The Digital Averroes Research Environment (DARE) aims to bring together the results of the various editoral and investigative activities concerning the works of Averroes that have been accomplished during the last hundred years, so that

  1. all the relevant material, e.g., manuscripts, prints and editions will be made available in digital form. This will make it accessible to modern research methods and permit its sustainable incorporation into many different contemporary contexts of research;
  2. current and future projects of editing Averroes' works or of other Averroes-related research will be supplied with a reliable textual basis and a platform that offers further opportunities for support, networking and international cooperation;
  3. the Averroian oeuvre will be made accessible to a broader professional audience engaging in such varied disciplines as philosophy, the study of Arabic language and literature, Islamic studies, Medieval Latin philology, Jewish studies, history and medical history;
  4. all sorts of research literature to Averroes can be found in the up-to-date bibliography; and finally that
  5. Averroes' work can be made accessible for university teaching.

Textual Witnesses

For every work of the Averroian Corpus, DARE seeks to provide in digital form all accessible instances of:

  • manuscripts,
  • early printed materials and
  • critical editions,

as well as

  • an up-to-date bibliography of secondary literature

to Averroes.

Digital Forms of Representation

Manuscripts will be digitally reproduced and their images may be compared synoptically on the website. What is more, for all the three languages in which Averroes' works have survived, viz. Arabic, Hebrew and Latin, the best witness (be it a manuscript, an early print or a modern edition) will be chosen to be transformed into and presented as a searchable unicode text.

The Unicode Text: Original and Draft Edition

In addition to the searchable full text, which cannot be edited, a second version will be provided. This second text will continuously be improved by an editorial team on the basis of the different textual witnesses and through suggestions made by the international community of scholars working on Averroes. Changes to the original will be marked in the text.

Standardised Segmentation

To facilitate the handling of our platform and to allow for quick and easy switching between different textual witnesses, translations and languages, DARE intends to establish a new standardised division of Averroes' texts (the 'chunks').

User Community and Submission of Comments

Users of the free DARE website are invited to submit comments on and improvement suggestions to the texts. An editoral team will asses these comments and include them into the draft edition mentioned above.

XML/TEI Mark up

Bibliographically and structurally, the content of the digital library of Averroes works will be described on the basis of the established standard OAI/PMH and the texts are to be encoded in XML in accordance to the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI P5).