First International DARE Conference: »From Cordoba to Cologne«

Transformation and Translation, Transmission and Edition of Averroes's Works

Conference Programme

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Intro: 9.00-10.45

Opening Address by the Dean
Introductory Speech by Andreas Speer
General Presentation of DARE by Raphaela Veit and Florian Willems

*** Coffee Break ***

Averroes' Debut: 11.00-13.15

Charles E. Butterworth (Maryland): Averroes's Summary of Aristotle's Logic, An Overview
Ziad Bou Akl (Paris): Averroès: Al-Ḍarūrī fī uṣūl al-fiqh
David Wirmer (Köln): Whom Was Averroes Writing For?

*** Lunch Break ***

Form and Transformation I: 14.30-16.00

Fouad Ben Ahmed (Rabat): Averroes' Changes of Position and his Openness to Scientific and Philosophical Traditions
Juliane Lay (Paris): Averroès, l'Abrégé de l'Almageste : Présentation

*** Coffee Break ***

Form and Transformation II: 16.15-18.30

Yehuda Halper (New Orleans): Averroes' Middle Commentary on Metaphysics Δ as the Plain Meaning of Metaphysics Δ
Steven Harvey (Ramat-Gan): Unfounded Assumptions: Reassessing the Differences between the Short and Middle Commentaries and their Chronology
Richard C. Taylor (Milwaukee): Averroes on the Afterlife

Public Lecture: 20.00

Gerhard Endreß (Bochum): The Truth Does not Contradict the Truth - or Does It? The Aporias of Cosmology, or Averroes in Need

President's Dinner

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Method: 9.00-10.30

Gérard Jéhamy (Beirut): La technique du recensement de la terminologie d'Averroès - Analyse critique
Oliver Leaman (Lexington): Averroes, Translation and Retranslation: Philosophy and the Language Barrier

*** Coffee Break ***

Edition: 10.45-13.00

Joël Chandelier (Paris): Le Colliget d'Averroès en latin, ses manuscrits et leurs lecteurs
Roland Hissette (Köln): La tradition textuelle de la traduction arabo-latine médiévale du Commentaire Moyen d'Averroès sur l'Isagoge
Colette Sirat / Marc Geoffroy (Paris): L'édition des témoins arabes et hébraïques du Grand Commentaire d'Averroès au De anima d'Aristote

*** Lunch Break ***

Field Report DARE: 14.15-15.15

*** Coffee Break ***

Digital Editions: 15.30-17.30

Chairing: Reinhard Förtsch (Köln)
Joris J. van Zundert (Den Haag): Web 2.0 Digital Scholarly Editions
James Cummings (Oxford): Multi-Witness Text Encoding for Digital Editions: Problems and Possibilities
Torsten Schaßan (Wolfenbüttel): Bibliographical Challenges to the Edition of Medieval Texts

Public Lecture: 20.00

Gregory Crane (Medford/Sommerville): Analyzing Parallel Texts at Scale and the Infrastructure for Digital Philology

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Doctrine I: 9.00-10.30

Cristina Cerami (Paris): L'organisation du corpus physique aristotélicien d'après Averroès
Matteo Di Giovanni (Yale): Is Averroes a Pluralist?

*** Coffee Break ***

Doctrine II: 10.45-12.15

Jean-Baptiste Brenet (Paris): Lumière et intellect chez Averroès. Quelques remarques
Frédérique Woerther (Paris): Le Commentaire Moyen à l'Éthique à Nicomaque d'Aristote par Averroès

*** Lunch Break ***

Field Report DARE: 13.30-14.30

*** Coffee Break ***

Research Environments: 14.45-16.45

Chairing: Günther Görz (Erlangen/Berlin): Virtual Research Environments for the Digital Humanities
Manfred Thaller (Köln): What is a "Virtual Research Environment" in the Humanities?
Sven-Ole Clemens (Köln): Connecting TEI to the Web of Data

*** Refreshments ***

Project Presentations: 17.15-18.15

Elvira Wakelnig (Wien): The Pseudo-Aristotelian Book on Motion - K. al-Ḥaraka: Linking it to its Sources and Establishing it as a Source
Dirk Wintergrün (Berlin): Islamic Scientific Manuscripts Initiative and Rational Sciences in Islam

Plenary Meeting: 18.30

Discussing the Future of Averroes Editions

Meeting of the Averrois Opera Edition Project: 19.30

Gerhard Endreß (Bochum)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Translation: 9.00-11.15

Laurence Bauloye (Liège): Transmission, Translation, Transformation: Some Philological Remarks about Averroes's Long Commentary (Tafsīr) on the Metaphysics
Mauro Zonta (Rom): The Hebrew 'Bitranslation' of Averroes' Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics: Similarities and Differences, and its Usefulness for the Reconstruction of the Lost Arabic Text
Silvia Di Donato (Paris): La tradition indirecte du Grand commentaire aux Seconds Analytiques. Manuscrits et éditions : des données nouvelles

*** Coffee Break ***

Project Presentations: 11.45-12.45

Barbara Jockers / Raphael Kretz (Würzburg): The Arabic and Latin Glossary - an Online Research Tool for Medieval Translations from Arabic into Latin
Reimund Leicht (Jerusalem): PESHAT - A Digitized Multilingual Thesaurus of the Medieval Philosophical and Scientific Hebrew Terminology

*** Lunch Break ***

Reception I: 14.00-15.30

Resianne Smidt van Gelder-Fontaine (Amsterdam): The Use of Averroes' Commentaries in the Midrash ha-Hokhmah
Gabriele Galluzzo (Pisa): Why has Averroes's Doctrine of Substance Been so Misunderstood? Some Considerations on the Latin Reception of the Long Commentary on the Metaphysics

*** Coffee Break ***

Reception II: 15.45-16.30

Dag Nikolaus Hasse (Würzburg): How Juan Luis Vives Demonstrates Averroes' Ignorance



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