Steven Harvey


Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan 52900

Degree: Ph.D.
Position: Professor, Department of Philosophy

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Current Projects on Averroes

  • The Nature of Averroes’ Middle Commentary on the Ethica Nicomachea.
  • Hebrew Edition of Averroes' Middle Commentary on the Physica.

Recent and Upcoming Lectures

  • 13 March 2012, The Influence of the Ethics and Averroes’ Commentary on the Ethics on Medieval Jewish Thought. Workshop, Éthique, politique, rhétorique depuis la période hellenistique jusqu'à à la falsafa et période byzantine, CNRS, Paris.
  • 25-28 October 2011, Unfounded Assumptions: Reassessing the Differences between the Short and Middle Commentaries and their Chronology. From Cordoba to Cologne: Transformation and Translation, Transmission and Edition of Averroes's Works, DARE, Cologne.
  • 3-5 December 2010, Averroes’ Middle Commentary on Book I of the Nicomachean Ethics. Science and Philosophy in Classical Islamic Civilization, SIHSPAI, London.

Publications on Averroes

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  • “Reflections on Ruth Glasner’s Averroes' Physics”. Aleph 12 (2012), 403-412.
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